Rate - My Pricing Philosophy

I consciously avoid high-end pricing. There are several ways I do this. First, to avoid the countless post-wedding hours of sifting and enhancing that digital photographers often do, I give you all the photos so each one I take has to be good. I delete few. I enhance none. The photographs on this site have not been altered so what you see here is similar to what you will receive.

Second, I do not make albums, reprints or enlargements. This ensures affordability. Therefore, you receive a disk of all the photos in order to use and reproduce them as you wish without having to pay me as a middleman for anything. I keep nothing but a digital copy of the images for promotional purposes.

Third, I have no overhead. My portfolio is this website. My office is the wedding itself. I am a 100% word-of-mouth business. My life stays simple; your budget stays manageable. Ahhhhhhh.