Brownies for Innocent

Picture of Innocent Nsabiyumva

I met Innocent Nsabiyumva while traveling through South Africa in 2001. He had grown up in Burundi and received a full college scholarship in Russia for his academic excellence. Before being able to redeem it, the genocide between Hutus and Tutsis (as in neighboring Rwanda) spread to his town. His father, a local pastor, and his mother urged him to flee after his brother was killed. He walked and hitch-hiked his way down to South Africa to try to find work opportunities while waiting out the violence. That's when I met him. There was something bewildering about him. He had joy. There was such light and hope in his eyes. He could find no work and was living off a cup of tea and sometimes a piece of bread each day but seemed unfazed by his circumstances. He kept his focus on God.

Years passed and by the time he worked his way back to Burundi his parents had been killed as well. He has tried his best to press on and has recently finished putting himself through college at the University of Burundi in Bujumbura. He's scoured his country in search of a teaching position to no avail.

I can't save the world but I'm trying to at least save Innocent. I started making brownies and selling them for $1 each. Our little boy and I have canvassed our neighborhood and peddled them on foot along the Santa Barbara Waterfront many times (priceless observations in humanity and charity for our son). Every dollar has gone straight to Innocent via Western Union.

We'd be happy to provide brownies for any occasion you may have. And if you happen to run an educational or missionary organization at which Innocent could teach please let me know, as our brownies have just funded the acquisition of a passport for him.

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