Favorite Vendors


  • San Ysidro Ranch | www.sanysidroranch.com
    You’ll want to live here. Unpretentious comfort yet impeccable service.
  • Channel Cat | www.channelcatcharters.com
    Elegant and classy. Beautiful and hugely spacious inside for dining, dancing and relaxing.
  • Manning Park | www.sbparks.org
    Gorgeous trees and lush lawns. Serene, secluded, heaven-like. Unbelievably affordable too.


  • Reed Jolley and Steve Jolley | www.sbcommunity.org
    A shameless plug for Santa Barbara Community Church. Wonderful church, great pastors.


  • Rincon Beach Club | www.rinconcatering.com
    Everything they serve is scrumptious and most dishes are their own recipes.
  • Fire and Ice | www.fievents.com
  • Fresco | www.brouillardsinc.com
    Gourmet-looking and delicious. You’d never go wrong here. Also, forego the traditional decorative wedding cake and get one of their sheet cakes - ten times better, flavor-wise.

Seamstress & Accessories:

  • Mercedes Trump | (805) 687-7433
    Personable, fun-loving, custom personalization. Feels like your own personal boutique.


  • Mission Tuxedos | www.missiontuxedos.com
    Simple, easy, professional service. Go in, pick them out; done. Return them all; done.

Wedding Planners:

  • Events by Philippe | www.eventsbyphilippe.com
    Hard-working, sophisticated Frenchman who cares about every detail. Feel like royalty.
  • Jennifer Vogel | 805-680-6292
    Extraordinarily detail-oriented, warm, upbeat, easy to be around, and so so enjoyable. More like a long lost friend.

Music Bands:

  • Dannsair | www.dannsair.com
    Talented Irish band with solid local reputation. Professional musicians with impressive resumes.
  • King Bee | http://kingbeesb.com
    Super fun, I mean SUPER fun band. Dance your legs off. Great personalities too. Really talented.
  • Luna Gitana | www.lunagitana.com
  • Saba Baba | (805) 403-7907 (Saxophonist) or (805) 893-8782 (Percussionist)
    Incredible Balkan band. For a high-energy event with the expectation of dancing and celebrating Eastern European-style or otherwise.

Background Soloists:


  • Music by Bonnie and Co. | www.musicbybonnie.com
    Professional, well-presented djs adept at making each wedding very personal to bride and groom.


  • The Eagle Inn | www.theeagleinn.com
    High quality at wonderfully affordable rates. Separate cottages also. Close to beach, wharf, harbor.
  • West Beach Cottages | Click here
    Weekly, affordable vacation rentals close to beach, wharf, harbor and Eagle Inn.

I do not participate in link exchanges; in other words, I do not post vendors on my site in an agreement that they will post me on theirs. My recommendations are truly my favorites.

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